Slurryquip Umbillical System Set up


Are you looking for a new umbilical system? 

Unsure of what to buy….. why not try the markets leading system! all set up and ready to do for the job we Supply Slurryquip Equipment, Jakcob Eschbach Hose, and we have a variety of pumps, Bauer, Doda, Criman. with mrMe experience of driving the equipment than selling it we use my experience to set you up with the right machines. The Slurryquip macerator is extremely aggressive with its unique knife it is more than cable to handle objects that shouldn’t be in slurry! 

9.6m Single macerator 

Flow meter interlinked control box 

1200m Front reeler with drop out bobbin 


Jakob Eschbach Pipe, 41/3″ & 5″ to give you the best out puts. we supply this all on the reeler with couplings ready to go!

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