Slurryquip set up going to work


Local Contractor ME GROUP off to work with there new 12M Dribble Bar 

Martin Evans Contracting Away with his new System, 12M Double Macerator for even distribution, Flow meter to motor the application. 

Josh from ME Group placed the order ready for the season ahead planning on utilising the Slurry More on his own farm, He said “with Fertiliser at a record high we have to do something, having the demo set up made my mind up with the system handling high M3 with ease and incredibly even distribution. the Reelers are the icing on the cake the lads have been asking for interchangeable bobbins for years” 

Straight off to work the System will be part of a fleet of 3 umbilical System all running with engine units. 


Thank you for you business we wish you all the best with your system 


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