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Slurryquip 1200M REEL


Slurryquip offer two types of reeler, the standard drop out reeler and the RRR Pivoting Reeler.

Both models are available with 800 and 1200m bobbins and all Slurryquip reelers have the unique drop out bobbin design. The RRR Pivoting reeler allows the user to sit in one location when reeling in drag hose, this reduces wheel marks, reduces compaction, and improves safety as the operator can focus on the hose.

The Slurryquip reelers hold interchangeable drop out bobbins, so operators reeling can safely do all their reeling in from the front, while using the rear for reeling out and storage. We have designed our flag ship reelers to be the reliable choice for the farmer and contractor.

Bobbins are interchangeable between standalone reelers and double macerator dribble bars.



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