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slurryquip 12m TANKER dribble bar


Slurryquip Tanker Dribble Bars

Slurryquip rear mounting Dribble Bars are available in sizes between 7.8m and 12m.

All dribble bars are chassis mounted for strength and safety.

Chassis mounting the dribble bar removes the stress on the tank barrel over door mounted versions, moves the weight closer to the axle and reduces the tail swing once fitted. When fitting the dribble bar Slurryquip focus on balance and functionality.

Rear fill points are functional, spread plate is functional, tail swing minimised and only one additional spool valve is required.

These dribble bars can be retrofitted to suit both new and used slurry tankers.


main features

Slurryquip rear mounted dribble bars are available in sizes ranging from 7.8m to 12m. All machines are bolted to the chassis with no welding required and can be fitted to any make or model of Slurry Tanker.

  • Chassis mounted (not using the back door)
  • Unrestricted access through the back door 
  • Raised booms for spreading on uneven terrain 
  • Reliable Slurryquip Xiphos macerator with excellent cutting abilities 
  • Fold rams protected with chassis 
  • Break away booms 
  • 50mm outlet pipes, reducing blockages significantly also using clear pipe so you can see inside the pipe 
  • Three stone traps 
  • LED road lights 


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