with slurry season well underway we have seen a massive surge


Slurry Season has kicked off with a bang, with the weather holding out and the ground conditions at its best….

We have had a busy start to the month with parts and certainly seen a surge in demand for Dribble bars, with the fertiliser prices up a record High the need for more from slurry is priority. We have been out to Irland to meet up with suppliers and make sure we can supply the machines you need, with Slurryquip upping the production to keep up with demand we are confident we can get what you need.  

We also called in at Grass Technology to see the first of our tankers coming through, the lead times are currently 10 weeks if you ordered today. 

You will also see we have extended our parts storage carrying more fittings and pump parts to be there when you need us  


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