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MAJOR 2600g


MAJOR 2600g Slurry Tanker 

Major 2600 Gallon Slurry tanker, This major Slurry tanker is in good working order, we have serviced the pump and checked everything over, good Hydraulic brakes and the tank is in good order. it comes complete with a Battioni MEC 8000 Vacuum pump. 

  • 2600G 
  •  Single Axle 
  • 800/65R32 Wheels 
  • Hydraulic change over  
  • MEC 8000L/min pump  
  • Fill point x2 
  • Dribble bar / Trailing show brackets 
  • 6″ Suction hose + Brackets 
  • LED Lights 
  • Swivel hitch



main features

  • 8000L Pump 
  • Hydraulic change over 
  • Swivel hitch
  • Dribble bar brackets
  • 800/65R32 wheels 
  • Vacuum pump silencer 


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