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Hispec 2000G Slurry tanker


HiSpec Slurry Tanker

2000 Gallon 

Vacuum Tanker 

Vacuum pump fully refurbished 

Good brakes 

Good Tires 

Road Lights 

Excellent working order 

can be fitted with a Dribble bar

7.8M, 9.6m, 10.2m  chassis mounted tanker dribble bar 

Vertical Fold
Slurryquip Xiphos Macerator (3 Years warranty on macerator blades)
Break away Booms
50mm Outlet Pipes, Clear
Three stone traps
LED Lights
Raised Booms for uneven terrain
Two way switch in cab
3 in 1 Diverter valve
Total Weight 555Kg

Made to fit any make of slurry tanker Hispec, Conor, Joksin, Redrock, Grass technology, Abbey, Major

Can also be used for umbilical 



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