SLUrryquip umbilical system


SLURRYQUIP Umbilical System Heading off to its new home in Brackley Northants.

The 12M Slurryquip Dribble Bar is equipped with 1200m rear bobbin reeler &  Siemens flow meter. D Mahony & Sons  Spreads a lot of digestate onto cereals, and with fertiliser prices up at a record high they have purchased the System to maximise the Nutrient Values they are applying instantly. 

Running a new Tramspread Engine pump Jamie is experiencing extremely good out put, pumping 1000m with 600m 5″ & 400m 41/3″ he clocked up 228m3 per hour, running the pump at 1750RPM and 7.6bar.

“Jamie said he is really impressed with the systems out put, its even distribution is impressive and the compactness of the whole system means its easy for us to transport, the interchangeable bobbins make life easier to reel up” 

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