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Slurryquip 12M Dribble Bars


The Slurryquip Double Macerator Dribble Bar has been shown as the most popular umbilical dribble bar in the market for 2021. Both contractors and farmers are moving to the double macerator design due to its ease of use and superior control.

The Slurryquip Double Macerator has been designed with the end user in mind, the unique design allows for superior turning capabilities of up to 180°. The spreader widths range in size from 10.2 – 15m and comes standard with 50mm outlet hoses for an increased output, reduced blockages and the partially clear design allows the operator to visually monitor the flow.

The rear reeler has been integrated into the dribble bar chassis which improves strength, reduces weight, and provides superior weight distribution over other brands when fitted to the tractor. This allows the reeler to sit much closer to the tractor, improving visibility and safety when in use. The Slurryquip drop out reel allows the users to carry hose when required, reel hose and then drop out the bobbin to reduce the overall tractor ground pressure when spreading. The drop out bobbin removes the need to reconnect hydraulic hoses or drive systems, bobbins can be changed in seconds without leaving the tractor.

This machine comes standard with two Slurryquip Xiphos Macerators, these have unrevealed cutting capabilities for thicker slurry. Slurryquip have been trialling and testing this macerator since 2016 and have over 1,000 units in the market as of 2021. The reason for its success is the highly aggressive cutting mechanism within the macerator, and durability of the blades. The Xiphos truly is built to last, it comes with 12mm thick hardox blades, which will outperform any counterpart currently on the market today, it can comfortably chop through straw, plastic, round bale silage or wood chips and handle other hard materials.



main features

12M Slurryquip Dribble Bar Hydraulic fold

Slurryquip 12m Dribble Bar

Model : 12 UMDM

Vertical Fold

Slurryquip Xiphos Macerator (3 Years warranty on macerator Blades)

Break away Booms

50mm Outlet Pipes Clear

Three stone traps

Raised Booms for uneven terrain

Two way switch in cab

3 in 1 Diverter valve



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